Locker Systems

Vertical Sections & Other Options

FOREMAN® Locker Systems

Single Compartment Lockers…

…are the Executive or Luxury choice, this version provides individual users with the maximum of vertical and horizontal space. They are ideal for top-tier facilities designed with spacious changing rooms or mid-tier facilities featuring special VIP Locker rooms.

Two Compartment Lockers…

…accommodate more patrons in facilites with limited floor space in their locker rooms and support greater member throughput during peak hours. They can be used alone of combined with single compartment towers to give patrons more options, and create an interesting visual and functional impression. The relative dimensions of the two compartments is completely customizable.


…are designed to offer the height advantages of a single compartment tower with the compactness of a two compartment locker. Two tall units with ample storage can be placed together in a n area just 16inches (400mm) wide.The unusal and visually striking lines offer a unique design focus. Z-lockers are also available with the integrated shelf/bench. More information



Both one and two Compartment Lockers can be complimented with a convenient integrated shelf/bench. Patrons items do not fall out onto the floor and the structural integrity of the phenolic material  will support the weight of many adults. 

Designed and built for extra-heavy duty commercial use, FOREMAN lockers do not have to sacrifice functionality to look good and operate quietly.

  • Secure, integrated anti-theft hinges
  • Door opens to a wide 175º angle
  • Amply ventilated around door perimeter