Integrated Benches, Locks, Hasps, Hooks

FOREMAN® Lockers offer comprehensive solutions…
…for outfitting different areas of a variety of facilities, wherever durability, security and design are required. We supply a wide range of accessories and optional components.

Locker Accessories:

  • Specially-designed hasps
  • Cut-in locks
  • Electronic locks with bracelet, card or key chain identifiers
  • Key bracelets
  • Key chains and numbered tokens with your Club logo

Optional components and features:

  • Hangers and hooks
  • Console shelves
  • Custom shaped phenolic components

Only FOREMAN offers the unique capability of HPL phenolic to have custom graphic or photographic images of logos, emblems or pictures embedded directly into the decorative surface of the panels without compromise to the materials. No peeling, scuffing or delaminating.