Furnishings & Fixtures

Benches, Partitions, Counters & Cubbies


The comfort of the locker room depends on the availability of seating. FOREMAN® Products exploit the inherent strength of solid HPL phenolic to create seating of exceptionally simple and practical design.

Benches that match the locker surfaces offer a visually appealing aesthetic and can be arranged in a variety of configurations. Free-standing in a metal frame or attached to the floor with posts, either format will provide durable seating and order in the locker room.


FOREMAN® partitions utilize the self-supporting properties of solid phenolic HPL, eliminating the need for the aluminum profiles, making them a perfect solution, especially for installation in wet areas.

  • Shower partitions- waterproof and easy-clean
  • Toilet partitions- Hygenic and functional
  • Changing Cubicles-Privacy and comfort
  • Decorative Panels- Walls and columns


Because solid phenolic HPL panels and be bent to almost any angle & machined to various shapes and sizes, FOREMAN® Products can construct custom counters for a variety of applications.

  • Reception Desks- make a great first impression
  • Check-in Counters-stand up to wear & tear
  • Food Service and Retail Sales Counters – easily sanitized
  • Custom shelving- better merchandizing


Almost any concievable configuration is possible. Contact us to discuss your project needs.