Premium Phenolic Lockers

FOREMAN'S Most Durable and Secure Locker

FOREMAN® Premium Phenolic Lockers…

…are the durable, secure and attractive option for your locker needs. Our Premium lockers are built for heavy-use and tough conditions. They are waterproof like plastic lockers but less pliable than HDPE making them perfect for wet and humid conditions such as pools, spas and locker rooms, indoors or out. They are secure like metal lockers but will not dent or rust. Our premium locker will not warp or delaminate.   Foreman Premium lockers utilizes a unique integrated door strike and anti-theft hinge that will not sag, fail or require replacement.
Our construction design is less expensive than traditional “cabinet” construction but just as sturdy, making the many advantages of solid phenolic lockers affordable for facilities on a budget. They have an attractive, contemporary  design and are available in a wide variety of colors, woodgrains and  patterns.  Available in 1-6 tier configurations and custom configurations and sizes.

FOREMAN® Premium Options

• Custom configurations including Contour™ design
• Multiple color options for doors and finish panels
• Custom sizes
• Integrated Bench *
• Lockers with Cubbies*
• Glass Doors
• Built in USB charger
• Legs or base

* Available on 1 tier, 2 tier lockers and z-locker.

Single Compartment Lockers

…are the Executive or Luxury choice, this version provides individual users with the maximum of vertical and horizontal space. They are ideal for top-tier facilities designed with spacious changing rooms or mid-tier facilities featuring special VIP Locker rooms.

Two- Six Tier Compartment Lockers…

…accommodate more patrons in facilites with limited floor space in their locker rooms and support greater member throughput during peak hours. They can be used alone of combined with single compartment towers to give patrons more options, and create an interesting visual and functional impression.


…are designed to offer the height advantages of a single compartment tower with the compactness of a two compartment locker. Two tall units with ample storage can be placed together in an area just 12 inches (305mm) or 15 inches (381mm) wide. The unusual and visually striking lines offer a unique design focus. Z-lockers are also available with the integrated shelf/bench. Our Z-Locker is only available in Premium and Hybrid.
More information on our Z-Locker page



Both one and two Compartment Lockers, and Z-Lockers  can be complimented with a convenient integrated shelf/bench. Patrons items do not fall out onto the floor and the structural integrity of the phenolic material will support the weight of many adults.

Executive Employee Lockers

…provide users with maximum vertical and horizontal space and an inner safe compartment. The safe compartment features the Ojmar OCS Touch Lock providing additional security for employees’ personal belongings such as cell phones and laptops. Optional LED lighting is available

Athletic Lockers

…. . .FOREMAN® Athletic Lockers are designed to meet the specific needs of team sports such as baseball, football, basketball and ice hockey. Our Athletic Lockers provide ample storage with both upper and lower lockable compartments. The lower bench seat features premium Naugahyde® with commercial grade foam padding. Option LED lighting is available.
FOREMAN® Athletic Lockers are constructed of durable phenolic panels and feature our unique integrated hinges made from aircraft quality aluminum. They are available in 24, 30 and 36- inch widths. The lockers are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and optional logo and design imprinting.
All FOREMAN® Phenolic lockers come with a 20-year limited warranty.

Contour™ Lockers…

Designed to fit around columns, pony walls and other obstacles, our contoured locker rows are the innovative and attractive storage solution for kids’ play areas, recreational facilities and amusement parks.

  • Space efficient
  • Fits any curve
  • Attractive architectural feature
  • Available in one to six compartment configurations
  • Durable and secure