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Fitness market facilities….

…are turning to FOREMAN locker systems as a new option. From exclusive, premier health & sport clubs to mid-market fitness chains to budget-conscious municipal athletic facilities. Investing in a more durable and secure material for your lockers just makes better economic sense in the long-run.

In the N. American recreational market,  phenolic lockers have historically been specified primarily in swimming facilities for their water resistance. Injection-molded Plastic lockers are an inceasingly popular option because they share this characteristic but they are compromised in sturdiness and as utilitatian in appearance as metal lockers. FOREMAN Locker Systems are a more attractive & cost-effective alternative that are appropriate for far more than aquatics or other “wet” applications such as spa, skiing, or ice arenas. Commercial gyms, Athletic Clubs or YMCA/JCC’s facilities that see heavy-use, even without aquatics services, can all benefit from the durability and security of FOREMAN locker systems.

Our lockers can be found globally in North & South Americas, Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and Australia at such brand names as Crunch Fitness, UFC Gym, Hard Candy, Energy, World Gym, World Class, Onegin, FitnFast, Fizcult and FitFashion.


The important needs of the Healthcare market….

…are best served by the uniqe qualities of phenolic material.  Healthcare lockers for personal and product storage have long used a metal standard, yet Hospitals and other medical  facilities now face increasing persistance of pathogens in their service environments. Phenolic is a clear choice… for healthcare lockers not only for it’s durability & security,  but for it’s ease-of-maintenance, anti-microbial qualities and safety, key concerns for any medical facilitiy. Only phenolic is both Class A & B fire-rated while being waterproof and chemical resistant, making complete and thorough sanitizing easily accomplished with no compromise to the materials.

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Ivan Chermayeff, Designer & Founder, Chermayeff & Geismar Inc.