durability. security. design.

FOREMAN® makes phenolic affordable.

FOREMAN introduces the next generation of phenolic lockers to the US market using an ingenious and unique  construction technology pioneered in Germany and proven in  thousands of installations worldwide.

Strength cannot be compromised.

FOREMAN® Locker Systems utilize a specially-developed “profile”  to provide a sturdy, reliable frame for connection of the solid phenolic panels, leveraging the exceptional structural integrity of the panels themselves. The integration of each locker “opening” one with another, through the profiles, creates  an extremely strong overall structure.

Security is what lockers are for…

The profiles are constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum which are extruded as solid metal,  with no welds or seams to fail. The natural non-corrosive qualities of the aluminum are enhanced by a high-temperature, tribostatic powder coating. The door hinges and strike plates are integrated directly into the profile creating the very secure “anti-theft” design that makes break-in at the hinge virtually impossible. The door opens to a wide 175º angle making for easy access and eliminating hinge breakage. We support our clients with a lifetime warranty on this component.

“Designers have a dual duty; contractually to their clients and morally to the later users and recipients of their work.”
Hans Höger, Designer



Modularity is an added benefit…

The mutually integrated frames and threaded connector assembly eliminate the need for screws, dowels, glue or other permanent fastenings. The result is a completely modular system: less expensive to ship, easy to install, ideal for retrofit and that can be disassembled and reassembled with no compromise to the materials. No other locker allows such flexibility for subsequent facility expansion, remodel, or resale on the secondary market  making this locker design the most versatile for the greatest variety of applications.