May 16th, 2016

FOREMAN LOCKERS Introduces New Products at WWA Show in New Orleans


FOREMAN introduced three new products at the WWA Show 2016 in New Orleans. FOREMAN is using its unique design to bring new locker configurations and adding accessories that offer creative solutions to the changing locker requirements in your facility.

Tempered Glass Door Lockers. Our clear view lockers allow monitoring of locker contents in facilities requiring a high level of security such as employee lockers in hospitals, airports, schools, rail stations and government offices. Contents are visible and do not require opening the locker.

Integrated USB Charging Port and Interior Locker Light. The integrated USB port can be used to charge phones, tablets and other electronic devices. The locker light illuminates the interior of the locker when the door is open.

Hybrid Locker. Our Hybrid Locker combines the Foreman aluminum profile and durable phenolic doors with a MDF ‘body’ resulting in a strong and durable locker at a lower cost. The Hybrid Locker is perfect for facilities that do not require the use of phenolic body but still desire the appearance and strength of the Foreman Locker design.