October 8th, 2012

Leaving Lockers Outside the Locker Room

YouFit Health Clubs,  a 37 facility budget chain based in South Florida, has recently become a Foreman client. Addressing the changing locker usage patterns of members, YouFit is providing Foreman Console lockers in the lobbies of 2 new clubs for the “stash & dash” member who comes dressed to work out and needs a quick but secure storage solution.

” Since they are standing in the lobby adjacent our reception desk, we need a higher-end “look” than in our locker room; something that could be customized to reflect our brand.” says J.J. Creegan, President.

The Foreman lockers were made with the bright lime-green and purple colors that are the YouFit trademark. “Members love having them.” says Jill Dickinson, General Manager of one of the Boca Raton, Florida locations. “I particularly like the low table-top. It’s great for placement of promotional information on programs and partners while leaving our reception desk clear & uncluttered to help members.”