Specialty Sections

Multi-, Security & Custom Sections

Multi-compartment and small Security Lockers…

…are very versatile and a great solution where full sized lockers are not needed. Not just in locker rooms but on the fitness floor, studio, supermarkets, airports, schools, anywhere requiring secure storage for smaller personal items. The modularity of FOREMAN locker systems allows them to be completely customized from 3 to 12 cell towers, a variety of sizes can be created, even in the same bank of lockers. This allows you to accommodate anything from wallet, keys and cell phone to backpacks, handbags and briefcases.

The primary purpose of the locker has always been to protect your patrons personal items from theft. Our solid phenolic is virtually impenetrable and unbreakable providing peace-of-mind for the client in the security of their valuables.

Special-Purpose Installations

FOREMANĀ® Products offers customized, special purpose installations for prefessional and institutional athletic facilities, including basketball, football, baseball, soccer, hockey or lacrosse. The exact design of each installation is calculated to the specific dimensional requirements of the equipment and other particulars of the sport.

Additionally, phenolic panels canĀ  have any desired image, either graphic or photograhic, manufactured directly into the material. Customize your installation to feature name of team, institution or sponsor, slogan or mascot.