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Smart & super-efficient.

The operation of the CLiQ is based on three precisely designed parts, i.e. construction cover, clamping arms and pressure unit. The cover is a supporting element. Its front side is diagonal to enable to store skis at an angle of 22пїЅ to the rack axis and to ensure attractive display and increased storage capacity. Thanks to the use of a mounting foot at the base of the cover, fixing it to a steel or aluminium crossbar is fast and convenient. The clamping arms are responsible for firm and safe grip; When in use, the surface of the arms is in direct contact with ski edges and causes friction. Due to higher exposure to damage, the clamping arms are extremely rigid and durable. Ends of the arms have a special shape to ensure better contact with the surface of the skis and to speed up the arm-opening mechanism when pulling the skis out of the holder. The key element is the pressure unit. It is covered with a special rubber structure, so the spring mechanism runs smoothly and with an appropriate plasticity, while the holder is durable and resistant. When skis are pressed the rubber immediately transfers power to the spring, which automatically closes the rotating clamping arms to completely and effectively hide the skis in the holder. The open-close mechanism is therefore extremely strong and dynamic. The rubber which is in direct contact with the surface of the skis is also designed to protect them from shocks and damage.
There are two sizes of the holder: Standard model: opening width 106 mm (for skis up to 90 mm*) and X-Large model: opening width 126 mm (for skis up to 110 mm*).
*width under the ski boot