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Signature Phenolic Locker Data Sheets

FOREMAN® Lockers’ unique construction design of phenolic panels in aluminum profiles creates sectional, mutually integrated frames that eliminate the need for screws, dowels, glue or other permanent fastenings. Extremely strong, highly impact resistant, waterproof and non-corroding, the result is a completely modular system: less expensive to ship, simple to install, ideal for retrofit or remodel. The KD design allows them to be disassembled and reassembled without compromise to the material or structural integrity of the finished product.

Traditional Solid Phenolic Locker Sheets

FOREMAN® Traditional Solid Phenolic Lockers
(Solid Phenolic Lockers fabricated using traditional cabinetry technology)

Extra durable and heavy duty product represents our traditional, most popular product line for specific applications when humidity resistance or something (check in the internet) is needed. We use ½” (12mm) or optional 3/8” (10mm) thick material for doors and 3/8” shelves, 3/8” (10 mm) or 5/16” (8mm) thick walls and backs dadoed into top bottom and side walls. Box has the Mortise & Tenon joint secured with stainless steel screws, shelving is in a channels of the walls super secure. Such construction allows us to provide 25 Year warranty for indoor applications though the models are available for outdoor installations with UV-protected layer of compact laminate. All models are available in a Class-A Fire rated material or Chemical Resistant material. Normally ships assembled which saves labor during install. Although when KD shipment is needed the Product has an easy and fast assembling instructions.

Hybrid Locker Data Sheets

(Lockers with Solid Phenolic Doors Secured by Extruded Aluminum Profile to the Traditional Melamine Box)
The most price/durability efficient based on the same well proved FOREMAN Premium Lockers (or Line) technology of non-traditional hinge system and wide (180 degree) opening, on saving cost using traditional melamine box (or when traditional melamine box is used). The line carries the same variety of colors as the PREMIUM line. Solid phenolic doors withstand direct water, they are also scratch resistant - we use 3/8” (10mm) or optional ½” (12mm) thick material for the doors. Versatile construction design allows super wide choice of configurations and combinations of cells of different sizes. Efficient material use - neighboring lockers utilize common dividing walls, therefor the product is significantly lighter. Also it normally ships broken down which is a valuable feature for remote installations such as navy bases, nature research stations. Assembling of the Lockers do not require professionally trained staff, detailed installation manual and instructional video shows how easy it goes.

Plastic Laminate
Locker Data Sheets

Athletic Locker
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School Locker
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