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Outdoor Cabinetry

When we think outdoors, it does not necessarily have to mean over priced stainless steel; nor plastic which will not withstand direct sun or freezing temperatures , therefore reducing the lifespan of your lockers   We use UV-protected FUNDERMAX solid phenolic materials from Austria which won’t fade. We then secure the phenolic panels with an Aircraft Quality Aluminum Extrusion. You can assemble an outdoor kitchen or storage cabinetry which will perfectly match the modern design of your back yard or a balcony. Our modular construction allows you to select any configuration, and gives you freedom to design whatever you can imagine. The product ships knockdown and is easy to assemble.

Built with Class A Fire-Rated FUNDERMAX® Compact Laminate

As Expert Manufacturers of Solid Phenolic Lockers for Public Facilities for Over 15 years, we are Proud to Announce a New Line of Outdoor Cabinetry Designed for the Residential Marketplace. This Line Combines the Same High-End Materials and Unique Construction from Aircraft Quality Aluminum Extrusions with the Highest Ranked Austrian FUNDERMAX® Exterior Compact Laminate.

FOREMAN® Traditional Solid Phenolic Cabinetry

• Weatherproof UV-Protected FUNDERMAX® HPL with Solid Phenolic Core
• Mostly 3/8" thick Phenolic Material. Back Panels are 1/8" thick with a 3/8” thick Nailing Panel for Securing to the Wall
• Concealed 110 Degree Opening and Self-Closing Stainless Steel Hinges
• All Stainless Steel Hardware
• Full Extension Ball Bearing Stainless Steel Drawer Slides
• Solid HPL Drawer Box with an Inset Bottom Phenolic Panel for Extreme Durability
• 3/4” thick FUNDERMAX® Exterior HPL Counter Tops or Option to Outsource for Custom Material
• Countertop with Built-In Under-Mount Drip Edge Preventing Water from Penetrating the Storage Area.
• 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty against Fading or Warping
• A Variety of Colors. Sizes and Configurations
• 4" Stainless Steel Pull Handle
• Choice of Optional Weather Resistant Locks (Hasp, Key Cam or Combination Locks).

FOREMAN® Premium Phenolic Cabinetry

(Ideal for Large Items Such as Full Size Wardrobes or Tall Lockers)

• Solid Frame Aircraft Quality Aluminum Extrusions with Integrated Hinges.
• 3/8" or 1/2” thick Doors.
• 1/8" Back and Side Panels
• “F' Channel Aircraft Quality Aluminum Profiles to Retain Rigidness and Prevent the Shelves from Warping or Bowing.
• 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty against Fading or Warping.
• Adjustable Shelves with a 250 lb load capacity.
• 4" Aluminum Legs with 1” Adjustability.
• 4” Stainless Steel Pull Handles.
• Lockable Stainless Steel Slide Latch.
• 3/8" Finished End Panel
• Overlapping Counter Tops
• SlopeTops with Rain Channels
• Stainless Steel Hardware

Outdoor Cabinetry

Let Us Help You Decorate Your Patio. Garden or Back Yard! All Models are Available in Custom or Standard Modular Solutions with a Variety of Chests and Full Size Vertical Cases. Constructed from the Same Weather Resistant FUNDERMAX® Compact Laminate that can Withstand Freezing Temperatures, these Cabinets will Serve You for Years to Come.

Outdoor Cabinetry