Phenolic aquatic lockers
The 6-Tier Outdoor Lockers with Gantner Access Control System at Sydney's Wet'n'Wild Aqua Park.

Phenolic lockers are gaining popularity in the US and are often used in a variety of aquatic facilities such as municipal swimming pools, waterparks, and college and university aquatic centers. They have long been a standard in Europe not only for their water resistance but also their longevity and durability under constant use.

FOREMAN® Locker Systems have cost-effective alternatives for any facilities such as aquatic centers, waterparks and spas. Foreman phenolic lockers are resistant to chemicals and are of low maintenance. Our unique construction design of phenolic panels & extruded aluminum profiles is sturdier, more secure and attractive than injection molded plastic lockers and less expensive than traditional phenolic “cabinet” construction making the many advantages of solid phenolic lockers affordable for facilities on a budget.

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