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Aquatic / Pool Lockers

Phenolic lockers are gaining popularity in the US and are often used in a variety of aquatic facilities such as municipal swimming pools, waterparks, and college and university aquatic centers. They have long been a standard in Europe not only for their water resistance but also their longevity and durability under constant use.

FOREMAN® Locker Systems have cost-effective alternatives for any facilities such as aquatic centers, waterparks and spas. Foreman phenolic lockers are resistant to chemicals and are of low maintenance. Read More

Aquatic lockers are essential for any facility with a pool or aquatic center, providing a secure and convenient space for patrons to store their belongings. These lockers must withstand the unique challenges of a wet environment while maintaining cleanliness and durability.

Our aquatic lockers are specifically designed to meet the demands of pools and aquatic centers.

Best Selling Aquatic Locker Options

Z-tier US-style Locker with Open Cubby Bench

2 Tier with Open Cubby Bench

Z-Tier US-style Locker

1-Tier Locker

6-Tier Locker

5-Tier Locker

4-Tier Locker

3-Tier Locker

2-Tier Locker

1 Tier Executive Locker with Lockable Inner Compartment

    FOREMAN® Aquatic Pool Lockers

    Create a secure, clean, and efficient locker room that meets the needs of your patrons, withstands the challenges of a wet environment, and reflects your facility’s brand.

    • Water Resistance
      • Constructed with solid phenolic material, our lockers are highly resistant to water and moisture.
      • Phenolic material ensures the lockers do not swell, rust, or corrode, even in constant wet conditions.
      • Durable construction withstands the rigors of high-traffic areas and frequent use.
    • Maintenance
      • Easy-to-clean surfaces prevent mold and mildew growth, maintaining a hygienic environment.
      • Odor-resistant materials ensure a fresh and pleasant locker room experience.
    • Design
      • Sleek, modern designs that complement any aquatic center decor.
      • Various sizes and configurations available to suit different needs, including compartments for wet and dry items.
      • Features such as ventilated doors and integrated benches for added convenience and functionality.
    • Branding
      • Incorporate facility branding into the locker design with custom imagery and color options.
      • Multiple color choices and finishes to match your aquatic center’s theme and interior design.
      • Customizable to reflect your facility’s identity, enhancing the overall visitor experience.
    • Security
      • Secure and well-organized lockers help patrons feel confident in leaving their belongings while they enjoy the pool.
      • Custom Lock Options such as HASP, RFID, Coin Operated, Digital Combonation and more.
    installation of FOREMAN Lockers and Benches at Friendship Circle in New York
    17 June 2023

    Pool Locker Room at Friendship Circle

    Aquatic Lockers
    We are so pleased with the way this new installation of FOREMAN® Lockers and Benches looks. This is the new pool locker room at Friendship Circle in New York. The facility provides services to the loc...