Even the most serious “stash & dash” member comes into your Club with car keys and cell phones. Provide a small space for storing these essentials with the security necessary to protect your members valuables and prevent awkward and expensive situations for your club.


Combos are ideal for group exercise areas, yoga, Pilates or PT Studios. They provide a combination of open compartments for jackets, hoodies & shoes with a smaller locked compartment for the secure storage of valuables such as cell phones, wallets & keys.


Member locker usage patterns are changing and FOREMAN Console Lockers perfectly serve the needs of members who come dressed to work out but require a quick but secure place to store their bags and purses.

With their handsome “furniture” looks, movability and counter height, our consoles can be placed in the lobby, hall or near the reception desk for the convenience of your members. The phenolic material stands up to the higher use these lockers will receive because it won’t chip or delaminate and it’s waterproof so you can install on pool decks or even outdoors.

Jill Dickinson, General Manager YouFit Health Club, Boca Raton

Members love having them. I particularly like the low table-top. It’s great for placement of promotional information on programs and partners while leaving our reception desk clear & uncluttered to help members.

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