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Phenolic lockers are increasingly used in the US in a variety of aquatic facilities: municipal swimming pools, waterparks, college and university aquatic centers. They have long been a standard in Europe not only for their water resistance but also their longevity and durabilitiy under punishingly high-use.

FOREMAN® Locker Systems offer a more attractive, cost-effective alternative for any “wet” applications such as aquatic centers, waterparks and spas. Foreman phenolic lockers are resistant to chemicals, easy to clean and maintain, and can be hosed out regularly without damage. Our unique construction design of phenolic panels & extruded aluminum profiles is sturdier, more secure and attractive than injection molded plastic lockers and less expensive than traditional phenolic “cabinet” construction making the many advantages of solid phenolic lockers affordable for facilities on a budget.

FOREMAN® Contour™ Lockers, the space saving locker system that allows more efficient use of space in your facility by fitting any curve. Designed to fit around columns, pony walls and other obstacles, our contoured locker rows are the innovative and attractive storage solution for kids’ play areas, recreational facilities and amusement parks. Create dramatic architectural features with Contour™ lockers. Contour ™ lockers are built for wet, high use areas.

Injection-molded plastic lockers (HDPE) have become a popular choice for aquatics because they are waterproof and will not rust. But the the material is soft and pliable requiring bulky reinforcing members in the locker structure and an unappealing finish on the surface. Phenolic Lockers are completely waterproof like plastic lockers but the material is dense and non-pliable, increasing security and improving the aesthetics. HDPE material pliability increases when the material is warm (direct sunlight) unlike phenolic, which remains rigid even in high temperatures making phenolic lockers the perfect material for wet environments outdoors as well as indoors.

“In my 30 years of Club Management experience I have always had to contend with issues of locker maintenance and break-ins. Since investing in FOREMAN® Locker Systems we have not had a single locker break-in at either of our 2- new, high-volume Clubs.”

Mark Polli – Club Owner and Operator
Crunch, Sacramento California