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Athletic Lockers

Ice Hockey Locker 80"H

Manitoba Maple Model: Ice Hockey 80"H
Manitoba Maple Model: Ice Hockey 80"H
North Sea Grey Model: Ice Hockey 80"H
North Sea Grey Model: Ice Hockey 80"H
White Model: Ice Hockey 80"H
White Model: Ice Hockey 80"H
White Model: Ice Hockey 80"H
White Model: Ice Hockey 80"H

Designed for the special requirements of Hockey players, our state-of-the art wide Ice Hockey locker has several unique features to accommodate protective gear. Extra wide lower compartment, inclined back support, inclined front panel to prevent damage by icehockey boots, spacious upper cubby and helmet tray on the top. We made the sitting area of a hockey player two extra inches higher due to the extra height of the blades. Ventilation System Our Hockey Locker is constructed for an optional built-in ventilation system that can be accessed from a door behind the seating area, this also can be used for an extra storage space when ventilation is not needed. Air flow comes from an internal channel created by the bank of Interconnected lockers, entering through the vent holes in the inner partition, and out through the vent screen of the front panel. Width: 36”and 42” extra wide Goalie locker.

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  • 3/8” thick solid phenolic panels, Extruded Anodized Aluminum Profile with Integrated Hinges
  • 4 two-prong hooks
  • Spacious Lockable Lower Compartment with an optional Enforced or traditional electric Ventilation System
  • Tilted Front Panel of the Lower Compartment for the comfort of an
    Athlete’s feet
  • Name Plate Panel
  • Standard Gas Spring Assisted Seat Lid


  • LED Lighting
  • 110V Power / USB Outlet
  • Gas Spring Assisted Seat
  • Ventilation Screen / Enforced Ventilation System
  • Small Lockable Upper Compartment or a safe
  • Multi-Color Design
  • Upholstered Seat Pad
  • Team Logo

20 Year Warranty

Standard dimensions include (noted in inches):

Width: 30", 32", 34", 36"
Depth: 24", 28"
Height: 80"

Custom Sizes Available

Foreman Hasp

Ojmar Key cam

Digilock Cue


Safe-O-Tronic® Access LSW

Safe-O-Tronic® Access LS