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MDL Lockers 5-10-15

QBL Lockers



MODEL CAPACITY Number of compartments WIDTH Feet
5/1R 5 1.05
10/2R 10
15/3R 15 3.15
Compartment size MM  
320 x 460 x 480 (H)


Double Protection

Durability & Protection Against Corrosion

Locking Systems

From Traditional To Innovative Solutions


Select From Various Materials & Colours

Side Covers

Consistent Finishes To Rows Of Lockers


This MDL locker features 5 small compartments in a single column. Three models are available in such a configuration – a locker with 5, 10 or 15 compartments (5/1R, 10/2R and 15/3R, respectively). The access to each locker is independent and the door’s design enables the application of various locks – starting with key locks with coin slot systems, through battery-powered keypad locks, and ending with electronic RFID locks. The door is made of steel or furniture boards installed on special hinges.

The lockers are designed to be located against the wall, and the side holes prepared enable multiple lockers to be screwed together. The product is made of galvanized, powder-coated sheet metal with a thickness of 1.0 mm and is characterised by its durability and a modern design.

The outer sidewalls of lockers can be covered by special side covers in order to improve the visual appeal of the whole structure.
A wide range of applications consisting in the storage of small-sized items makes this product a perfect solution for all kinds of service facilities where clients leave their footwear, clothing, smaller bags or personal belongings.