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Length (ft)Capacity*Width (in)Height (ft)
4.92 30+30/25 31.50 7.94
5.91 36+35/30 31.50 7.94
6.56 42+40/35 31.50 7.94
7.87 54+50/30 31.50 7.94
9.84 66+60/50 31.50 7.94
13.12 108+80/70 31.50 7.94

*pairs of skis + helmets + pairs of junior boots


Adjustment Systems

Optimal space arrangement.

Double Protection

Durability & Protection Against Corrosion

Four Product Lines

Different design variants.

Functional Shelves

More storage possibilities.

Grip of Skis: Fork System

Safe & Super-capacious.

Mobile Racking System

Easy and smooth movement.

The Frame

Rigidity & confidence.

Water Tub

Water Collection – The Omfort Of A Dry Floor


The construction of the Mix Plus rack consists of a frame, two columns, level for ski forks and pole forks in the lower part and five shelves in the upper part. The rack can be therefore used for storing skis, poles and helmets, as well as junior boots or other accessories. Each ski fork is coated with a special anti-slip rubber paint and can accommodate up to three pairs of skis. Forks for poles are in the form of specially designed two steel arms between which it is possible to store up to four pairs of poles. The regulated height of the level and the shelves enables adjusting the distance between them to the size of the gear. The shelves are located at 88В° angle preventing helmets or junior boots from falling out during movement.