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Ozone Generator

Helmets, Boots, Ice Skates


0.34449 Feet 0.65617 Feet 0.36089 Feet

Modern design
A functional solution in an attractive form.
Selected components
High quality electronic parts - made in eu
Effective sanitary protection
Removes bacteria, fungi, mold, mites and other pathogens as well as unpleasant smells.



A perfect solution for disinfecting sports equipment. The ozone generator is installed directly in professional QBL boot dryers, thanks to which the disinfection of boots is even more effective. The natural properties of the ozone make the device effectively eliminate airborne bacteria, viruses, mold and unpleasant smell. Thanks to the touch display and extensive functions, the control of the ozonation process is simple and intuitive. The ozonation lasts 2 hours during the night mode operation, after which the dryer starts the room ventilation process by increasing air circulation. Effective sanitary protection guaranteed:

- removal of unpleasant smell
- decontamination - ozonation kills various pathogens and odors
- removing allergens, mites, fungi, mold and other microorganisms
- fumigation of air conditioning