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FOREMAN® Gym Lockers

In any facility with a Changing Room, the first thing Clients use is a Locker. Changing rooms should be spacious,bright, clean, safe and comfortable, a place where people leave the demands of work behind to seek exercise, relaxation, and regeneration. Since Lockers are used to store people’s clothing and other personal belongings,they must be secure, durable and attractive, reflecting the qualities ofthe changing room. Having over 15 years of fabrication expertise, FOREMAN® has achieved exactly this with their lockers by using modern, high quality materials and the latest design technologies. We want to make your club members happy. Our lockers are very easy to clean, have no odor, are scratch and water resistant and can be located next to the showers. Our best selling unique Z-Lockers with Integrated Bench have enough space for a coat and a spacious compartment for a bag. An Integrated bench is another unique feature. The Lower compartment is fully usable, as the bench is secured onto corbels.

Z-Lockers with Integrated bench in Onegin Fitness Club (Moscow)

Z-Lockers with Integrated bench in Onegin Fitness Club 15” Wide 2-Tier Lockers in  UFC Gym (Torrance, CA)

Construction and Solid Phenolic Material are what make our lockers super durable. They withstand high intense traffic facilities, such as school sport complexes, martial arts training studios or youth team locker rooms with rough and tough athletes.

15” Wide 2-Tier Lockers in UFC Gym (Torrance, CA)

We Provide A Wide Selection Of Customized Options:

Custom Color of Aluminum Profile

Contrast and bright colors of a custom painted profile make an accent of the lockers, leaving the inner space white for the convenience of your members.<- Self Made Training Facility Design

Custom Color of Aluminum Profile

Graphics Imprinting on the Doors

Printing an image on the doors of our lockers will not destroy the quality. The image layer is covered with the same protective transparent phenolic, keeping it scratch and water resistant. California Family Fitness (Sacramento,CA)->

Graphics Imprinting on the Doors

LED Light with Activation Switch

FOREMAN® keeps up with current and upcoming technologies such as USB chargers, Power Outlets, even Hard Wired or battery operated LED light with activation censor that responds to an opened door.

LED Light with Activation Switch

Radial Design

Our engineers have created a system to fit around a column or a radial corner allowing designers to create exciting layouts. Minimum radius of inner curve is as little as 4 feet.

Radial Design

Fitness Club starts with the changing room. We are doing our best to make your club members happy, right upon entry ofthe club. Our lockers are very easy to clean with water or any cleaning solutions, they leave no odor, are scratch and water resistant and can be located right next to the showers.All items are modular and can be assembled in one continuous bank ofl ockers making the design seamless and clean. Hinges with 175 degree opening allow placement of our lockers within narrow doorways and last significantly longer than traditionalhinges.

Design and Layout Solutions Design and Layout Solutions

Variety of Benches

We use the same durable materials, namely solid phenolic of different thicknesses to match the color of the lockers. To accompany Solid Phenolic’s durability we use Stainless Steel Frames. Posts and Hardware. Benches may also have an Optional Comfortable Seat made out of High density Industrial Grade Foam and covered with a Naugahyde® Upholstery.

Design and Layout Solutions

We here at FOREMAN® Locker Systems help you with layout of your facility, making the most efficient use of the floor space. Besides traditional 1-6 Tier and Z-Shape Lockers we offer variety of our well designed end items, such as towel receptacles, ironing board storage lockers, corner lockers, combinations of open shelves and cubbies. We easily combine small sized wallet lockers with traditional sizes in a very functional and price efficient way. For hard-to-access spaces such as corners, we have engineered corner lockers. Our modular system organically integrates them into banks of full-size lockers.

Low Profile Cabinetry and open Cubbies

Our 36” high Console lockers are a very popular solution for those who are searching for away to maximize the size of the changing rooms. This safe storage option may be located next to the reception area in sight of an instructor on duty or around an octagon or a boxing rink. Combining different bright colors, we fabricate attractive open cubbies for kid’s areas. Our cubbies like lockers are water resistant and serve great not only in group exercise areas but also next to swimming pools or spas.<-YouFit (Multiple Locations)

Custom Units

Combos are ideal for group exercise areas, yoga, Pilates or PT Studios. They provide a  combination of open compartments for jackets, hoodies & shoes, with a smaller locked compartment for the secure storage of valuables such as cell phones, wallets &keys.Using modern CNC-Machines and the latest engineering software,we offer an affordable way to create your own pattern of locker banks. Our smallest sizeddoor is 6”x7½”.

Design and Layout Solutions Design and Layout Solutions Custom Lockers

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Benches and Add-ons

FOREMAN® Benches and Shelves

FOREMAN® Locker Systems provides you with only high-quality products, including our benches. We use stainless steel frames, posts and hardware, which make our benches water resistant, while still carrying our 20 Year warranty. Our Bench Product Lines has also ADA-compliant models and can be fabricated in several standard lengths.

Benches on Stainless Steel Posts

Benches on Stainless Steel Posts

Our bench seats are made of 5/8” thick Solid Phenolic. Stainless Steel Posts have 1/8” thick walls. These Benches are designed to be anchored to the floor. The seat panel is comfortably secured to the posts with concealed hardware. This Product line includes 4 standard length: 3’, 4’, 5’ and 6’. An ADA bench is also available as part of the model range which can be fabricated without back panel for installations against the wall. This product line is developed for heavy duty or high occupancy facilities to serve you for years. Please see the data sheets for more details.

Benches on Stainless Steel Frame

Our traditional line of free-standing benches, made out of 5/8” thick Solid Phenolic and Stainless Steel Frames having 1/8” thick walls. Most popular single and double benches have comfortable back panel with 3 to 6 HÄFELA clothes hooks. For benches we use the same stock color FUNDERMAX® solid phenolic for a quick turnaround (Please see the FOREMAN® Stock Color Program). The product has 40” standard length. The legs have Polyurethane caps to protect floor in your facility.

There are 4 models in this product line:

Single Bench, Double Bench, Single Bench with 3 Hanging Hooks, Double Bench with 6 Hanging Hooks.

Benches On Stainless Steel Frame Premium Solid Phenolic Benches With Upholstered Seat

Premium Solid Phenolic Benches with Upholstered Seat

Top of the line bench products made out of 5/8” Solid Phenolic for Side Panels and out of 3/8” Solid Phenolic for Front Panels and Seats. Front panels and Seat normally have the same color as the lockers in your facility. Optional comfortable upholstered seat is available in a variety of designs by Naugahyde® upholstery color pallet. Thick side panels have standard Pastel Grey color (by FUNDERMAX®) matching the color of powder coated aluminum frames and hardware.

The product is heavy and stable on the floor.

Bench Details

Open Shelves

Please check with us about our variety of standard and custom solid phenolic shelves made of the same material to match the color of reception or the lockers.

Benches and Shelves

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