The FOREMAN creative team has developed a design study based on our experience working with Spa, Yoga studio and Personal Training Gym clients.

Starting with our versatile Signature locker platform, the team used white matte finish waterproof phenolic panels, Natural brushed Aluminum profiles and bright green accent panels in the cubbies to create a light, clean and crisp feel.  The integrated towel cubbies add practicality to the unit and its Signature line construction ensures the lockers will look and function like new for decades to come.

When you are ready to dazzle your clients with a locker room that goes above and beyond their expectations, give FOREMAN a call, we are here to help.

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FOREMAN Locker Systems is one of the top manufacturers of Phenolic and Plastic Laminate Locker systems in the United States.

FOREMAN’s innovative locker designs can be found in Corporate HQs, Professional and Collegiate Sports Venues, and Vacation Resorts throughout North America.
Our team of Locker Experts is available to help you Design the perfect Locker Room solution for your Company, Sports Venue or Resort.

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