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2.98 7.87 2.15+4.67

* distance from the floor to the holder / product height with arm in the upper position

Double protection
Durability & protection against corrosion.
A well-thought-out bicycle wall storage system
A secure hold of the bikes by the front wheel in an upright position.
Unique space-saving features
Thanks to the vertical storage position and the swivel mechanism of the holder.
Comfortable and easy operation (up to 16kg/26kg)
Thanks to the use of efficient pneumatic actuator.
Extremely versatile in use
Design adapted to various bike models and sizes.
Modern design
A functional solution in an attractive form.



The Bike-Lift is a precision-engineered, wall-mounted bicycle holder with outstanding functionality – simple to operate, versatile in use and significantly space-saving in storage. The product works by lifting the bicycle to an upright position using a pneumatic actuator and storing it safely and ergonomically. The use of an actuator makes the operation of the Bike-Lift really easy and comfortable.

The front wheel of the bike is placed on the handle arm knob, then the lifting system is activated by gently pulling the bike. The bicycle is lifted by the actuator and the only thing left to do is to secure it until the rear wheel is seated.

The Bike-Lift design provides efficient storage for all types and sizes of bikes – road, city and all MTB categories – with a weight of up to 16kg.

To save even more space, the holder is fitted with a swivel mechanism that allows to tilt the bike you are holding towards the wall.

The product is perfect for home conditions and private spaces as well as public facilities, incl. hotel bike depots.

The handle housing is made of high-quality galvanised powder-coated steel, guaranteeing durability and resistance to corrosion.

Thanks to the tailored multi-piece design, installation of the holder is intuitive and the product is provided in a neat cardboard box.