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Ice Skate Rack

Ice Skates



LENGTH inches CAPACITY p. of ice skates
59.055 72
70.866 84
78.740 96
94.488 108
118.110 120
157.480 192


Adjustment Systems

Optimal space arrangement.

Double Protection

Durability & Protection Against Corrosion

Ergonomic Shelves

More Storage Possibilities

Four Visual Lines

Diverse Design Of The Front Panel


Rigid Structure, Safety Of Use

Running System

Space Saving, Mobile & Convenient


The construction of the Ice Skate Rack is simple, very durable and functional. It consists of a frame, columns, twelve shelves and special adapters for ice skates. The adapters are designed to guarantee stability, safe storage of skates and to ensure their comfortable placement and removal. The surface of the adapters is covered with an anti-slip rubber coat. The stability of the rack is guaranteed by a set of angle brackets and by a reinforcing steel crossbar that links both columns on the top of the construction. The system of fixing shelves between columns allows them to be mounted on many different levels. As a result, the distance between shelves can be perfectly adjusted to the size of boots. The shelves are located at 88° angle preventing the gear from falling out during movement.