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Ski, Snowboards



Length (ft)Capacity*Width (in)Height (ft)
4.92 30+30 31.50 7.94
5.91 36+40 31.50 7.94
6.56 42+40 31.50 7.94
7.87 54+50 31.50 7.94
9.84 66+60 31.50 7.94
13.12 84+80 31.50 7.94

*pairs of skis + snowboards


Adjustment Systems

Optimal space arrangement.

Double Protection

Durability & Protection Against Corrosion

Four Product Lines

Different design variants.

Grip of Skis: Fork System

Safe & Super-capacious.

Grip of Snowboards: Vertical System

Great storage capacity for boards with rental bindings.

Mobile Racking System

Easy and smooth movement.

Steel Basket

Multifunctional space.

The Frame

Rigidity & confidence.

Water Hood

Gear keeping and water drainage.


Rental rack is a multifunctional and capacious solution for storing skis, snowboards and rental bindings. The rack has a system for fixing crossbars on many different heights. This feature enables the storage of winter sports gear of different sizes and give the possibility to freely arrange forks on the crossbars, which results in an exceptional functionality and capacity of the rack. One side of the rack consists of a steel basket for storing snowboard rental bindings. A hood and aluminum crossbars with attached special blue plastic grips are located in the upper part. The grips are used to stabilize snowboards in a vertical position. The other side of the rack has been designed to store skis on two steel single-sided levels. Each ski fork is coated with a special anti-slip rubber paint.