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Snowboard Rental




Length (ft)Capacity*Width (in)Height (ft)
4.92 60 31.50 7.94
5.91 80 31.50 7.94
6.56 80 31.50 7.94
7.87 100 31.50 7.94
9.84 120 31.50 7.94
13.12 160 31.50 7.94

*boards with rental bindings


Adjustment Systems

Optimal space arrangement.

Double Protection

Durability & Protection Against Corrosion

Four Product Lines

Different design variants.

Grip of Snowboards: Vertical System

Great storage capacity for boards with rental bindings.

Mobile Racking System

Easy and smooth movement.

Steel Basket

Multifunctional space.

The Frame

Rigidity & confidence.

Water Hood

Gear keeping and water drainage.


Given its exceptionally large capacity, Snowboard Rental rack is designed for bigger rental shops. The construction of the lower part of the rack consists of a steel basket for storing snowboard rental bindings or other gear. The upper part includes a hood and aluminum crossbars with special plastic grips. The grips are used to stabilize snowboards in a vertical position. They are arranged in equal small distance from one another so that the capacity of the rack is large and the space is used efficiently. Regulated height of the aluminum crossbars allows storing snowboards of different sizes – from junior to longest adult boards. For a more robust construction and storage efficiency, 2000 and 2400mm racks are equipped with an additional column in the middle that divides the storage space into two parts.