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Length (ft)CapacityWidth (in)Height (ft)
[ft][pairs of skis][inches][ft]
4.92 60 31.50 7.94
5.91 72 31.50 7.94
6.56 84 31.50 7.94
7.87 108 31.50 7.94
9.84 132 31.50 7.94
13.12 168 31.50 7.94


Adjustment Systems

Optimal space arrangement.

Double Protection

Durability & Protection Against Corrosion

Four Product Lines

Different design variants.

Grip of Skis: Fork System

Safe & Super-capacious.

Mobile Racking System

Easy and smooth movement.

The Frame

Rigidity & confidence.

Water Tub

Water Collection – The Omfort Of A Dry Floor


Universal rack is the most capacious of all the racks and is composed of such elements as a frame, columns, two horizontal levels and ski forks. Each fork is coated with a special anti-slip rubber paint and can accommodate up to three pairs of skis. Height-adjustable horizontal levels enable the storage of skis of different sizes. The ski forks can be attached to the levels in any configuration depending on the type of the stored gear.