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Easy Plus




Length (ft)Capacity*Width (in)Height (ft)
4.92 24+18/15 19.69 7.94
5.91 30+21/18 19.69 7.94
6.56 32+24/21 19.69 7.94
7.87 40+30/24 19.69 7.94
9.84 50+39/30 19.69 7.94
13.12 64+48/42 19.69 7.94

*pairs of skis + helmets + pairs of junior boots


Adjustment Systems

Optimal space arrangement.

Double Protection

Durability & Protection Against Corrosion

Four Product Lines

Different design variants.

Functional Shelves

More storage possibilities.

Grip Of Skis: 3-point System

Versatile & super-firm

Mobile Racking System

Easy and smooth movement.

Post With Hooks For Poles

Option dedicated to ski depot.

The Frame

Rigidity & confidence.

Water Hood

Gear keeping and water drainage.


The rack includes a top and bottom part. The bottom construction includes a steel frame, a hood, aluminum crossbars with rubber seals and steel crossbars covered with an anti-slip rubber coat. In the upper part of the rack, above the skis, there are three shelves for storing junior boots, helmets and other accessories. Height-adjustable crossbars in the lower part of the rack and shelves in the upper part allow storing winter gear of different types and sizes. Apart from being exceptionally stable, the rack is designed to enable a very easy placement and removal of the equipment. The shape of the hood prevents water from residing and drains it off.