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Employee Lockers / Dorm Lockers

Employee Lockers / Dorm LockersFully customizable employee locker solutions tailored to meet your storage needs. At FOREMAN®, we provide you with the freedom to create the ideal employee locker system that perfectly fits your workplace. With our range of lockers, you can offer convenience, security, and efficiency for your employees while on the job.

Employee & Dorm Locker Design Features:

  • Customization Options - Tailor your employee locker solution with a range of customizable features to accommodate your staff, your needs, and your budget.
  • Locking Options - Choose from a range of locking mechanisms including RFID, Bluetooth, digital, and mechanical options, ensuring secure storage tailored to your security preferences.
  • Tier Configurations - Optimize space efficiency with tiered employee locker options ranging from single tier to 6 tier, providing flexibility to meet your storage needs.
  • Locker Materials - Select from Signature and Traditional Phenolic Lockers for high durability and water resistant applications, cost-conscious Hybrid Lockers combining the beauty and strength of Phenolic doors with a P-Lam structure, or Plastic Laminate Lockers perfect for office environments.

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