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Base Repair Pistol

Ski, Snowboards



Proven technology
Robust components and high quality of manufacture.
Precision and effectiveness
Effective repair of damaged ski and snowboard bases.
Black and colourless pe rods
The device supports rods with a diameter of 11–12 mm.
Convenient handle and base
The device is equipped with a useful magnetic base.
Temperature control
Electronically controlled temperature: 280 ̊c at a gun tip.



Ski Mender RP360 base repair pistol has been designed as a tool for an easy and efficient repair of ski and snowboard bases. The device includes such elements as an enduring covering, a heater with temperature control electronic system that prevents overheating, a nozzle for hot material distribution, a comfortable handle and a magnetic base. Before using the pistol, an illuminated on/off switch should be pressed, and then a 12mm diameter polyethylene stick can be loaded. After 5 minutes the heater should be warmed up and the pistol head should reach the set temperature. In order to apply the polyethylene on the surface of the base, the pistol’s trigger should be pulled. The flow rate of the repair material is regulated by trigger pressure.