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Service Vice

Ski, Snowboards



For skis and snowboards
Single and double variant available.
Wide regulation possibilities
Adjustable height of the holding grip and the support.
Stable and comfortable maintenance of gear
Regulated width through telescopic arms
Mounting skis in a planar or lateral position



Vice for maintenance services is an indispensable element of every ski service equipment. It is used to mount skis and snowboards that can be then regulated, renovated or can undergo other processes for which they have to be adequately fixed and stabilized. The vice is available in two versions – a single vice for one ski and a double vice for one pair of skis or one snowboard. The high functionality of the unit is also related to the possibility to regulate its width, the height of the holding grip, the support and to mount skis in a planar or lateral position. The vise should not be used to sharpen the slide edges manually.